Saturday, August 14, 2010

: : argh!!nyah kau dariku... : :

*i keep thinking about diz thing*
*it keeps running in my head!!*
*argh!!i really hate diz!it makes me feels dat i really need dat and im so regreted!*
*i wish dat i could turn back tyme and grab everything in front of me n never ever regret it anymore..*
*but..wt should i do?everything already past..n i have to move on for a better life..*
*this is all my fault..its hard for me to make my own decision, i can thinking properly in critical tyme*
*bt wat should i do...?i was hoping dat i will never repeat diz thing anymore..*
*i will grab all oppurtunity and chances in front of me..i will nt thinking twice anymore..everything in front me,i juz grab it!*
*dats is my life,i have to make my own decision..*
*like my sis in law said "dik,kalo ko nk ko nk tgktkn idop ko,ko kne la wt perubahan n brani mek risiko,smpe ble ko nk dok c2?mmg smpe ble2 pon xkn nek..ko da ad edcation dik.." *
*wat she said was ryte,if we want to succes, we have to take all risk and grab all chances*
*i was hoping dat i could get better than diz..*
*i will not do da same mistake anymore,grab all!*
*oh PETRONAS, i wish dat i could be part of u..i willl try again*

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